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LIVE MUSIC with Karel Barta / EVENTS

Event: LIVE MUSIC with Karel Barta
Time: Show start at 21.30, last reservation at 21.30.

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ACOUSTIC STORIES  /Karel - quitar, Kryštof - violine/

Playing together since 2010 and we have over 150 performances Thanks to the fact that the combination of violin and guitar works very well...

In our repertoire we have songs from jazz, swing, Latin,
film melodies to cover versions of well-known hits (eg Beatles, Michael Jackson, U2, Sting…).

We play everything live and we have nothing pre-recorded. We use the looper (guitar record) in most songs for the guitar. 

Thanks to this, it is possible to gradually lay out the parties and some songs sound almost like from a full-fledged band,so you can even dance to our music.