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The Transatlantic Lounge Collective / EVENTS


The Transatlantic Lounge Collective / Billy Rayner & Robin Finesilver           
A couple of Bon Vivant’s, one New Yorker, one Londonder.  
 A voice so smooth you could melt and ivory ticklin’ that’ll make your head spin.
Bar and Books has been there home for a few years now in Prague. 
Excellent, established performers already in their own right, they teamed up to revive the lost art of Lounge. 

Music made famous by the likes of the Rat Pack, Mathis, or that creepy singer you saw once
on the way to your hotel elevator in Vegas.  
A perfect backdrop and soundtrack for dates, gentlemanly nightcaps and ladies’ nights out.

  The usual suspects of crooner classics (a la Sinatra) are cleverly coupled with
boozy lounge-y takes on modern day hits (Radiohead, Britney, you name it).

So come down where things are taken with a pinch of salt, a wedge of lime, and decadent pour of Mezcal.    
Feel free to drop song requests for Billy & Robin in a message
to the Bar and Books Manesova facebook page, and perhaps hear one of your favorite songs reimagined. 
check for yourselves:   Billy and Robin playing   


Location: Mánesova Bar and Books, Mánesova 1525/64, Prague 2, Czech Republic