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Established in 1990, Hudson Bar and Books was the very first Bar and Books of the current family of five. The bar was also the first truely dedicated cigar bar to debut on the New York scene.

Hudson Bar and Books is located in one of New York City´s most desirable neighborhoods, the West Village. Surrounded by landmarked townhouses, brownstones, and cobblestone streets, Hudson Bar and Books provides a refreshing alternative to the now trendy meat packing district.  more...

Hudson Bar and Books was also the first high-end hotel style bar accessable to both local residents and destination visitors, inviting and welcome to all.

The decor is very traditionally continental. Whimsical touches such as colonial English monkey sconces and leopard print cushions contrast beautifully with the classic library, wood panelling, copper bar and tin ceiling. Sophisticated yet comfortable enough for even our celebrity regulars to relax outside of the spotlight.

Hudson Bar and Books also boasts a fine pavement cafe in season, and the beverage, cigar, and snack offerings speak for themselves.

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636 Hudson Street
@ Horatio Street, New York 10014
Tel.: 212 229 2642
Open daily
3 pm to 4 am
Open 2 pm Saturday and Sunday
Closed 3 am Sunday and Monday
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